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The Howler

Last updated: 2021-11-07

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This is a free speech platform called "The Howler". It is curently in beta testing.

In the drop down index there will be a "login/account management" link. You do not need to login to view posts here, nor to flag content for review, but you will need to login with an account to post comments of your own. There is more information about accounts on the logon page.

Once you are logged on it will display your avatar. That may be a generic unidentifed avatar if you don't have one of your own, but it still confirms you are logged in. Clicking on said avatar will log out.

Version 0.004 (beta release) date: 2021-04-19 Version 0.004 Version 0.003 Version 0.002 Version 0.001
Browser Plugin

TODO: there will be a plugin that adds an entry to your browser right click menu. That will open a new window with this app with discussions for the page you clicked on. For now ypu can do that manually and simply drag the address of the page you want to discuss into the link in the howler window.

Site Integration

You can integrate Howler as the comment system on any site of your own. One does not need a browser plugin to read the comments, but would will still need a howler account to post there. Click for an example.

Howler does not employ, nor intend to have a team of moderators, but anyone can flag any post to be held for review. Content that I am not legally obliged to remove and that does not contravene the terms of service from my hosting provider will be reenabled when I get round to it and cannot be flagged again unless the owner edits it. Comment moderation policy, includes content filter options so you can avoid seeing offensive content, but classification of content relies on the members and has not yet been completed.

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Above should be the comments that were posted on the page of the URL specified. Note: There probably won't be any unless someone actually posted one using this app. Also note that I see no reason to exclude posts that have no defined URL host or path, but the system may display a warning to that effect.

TODO: Notifications of replies. We don't store your e-mail so you will have to visit a page on this site to find out.

TODO: Thumbs up and down ratings.

TODO: To avoid censorship, this app will allow users to host their own posts and images on their own site. The app tells the browser where to get it and it does not transit my server, so different laws in different countries will not be my concern. I may however have to ask some users to move their stuff off my site. There will be a facility to download it, and instructions how to host it elsewhere and then integrate it back into the threads bypassing my site directly to their clients.

TODO: Users can delete their entire accounts. I will not be creating backups, but I will create a tool to download and restore content. If there are replies to deleted posts then there will be a simple marker to indicate something has gone missing.